our single orientation for works, business and partnerships

and we believe that you want to achieve it too for your precious one :

your brand.

about us

we are fast growing and fast learning digital company. we thrive on delivering barrier-breaking digital solutions. we get excited to be challenged to solve any obstacles for brands to communicate and engage with their consumers on digital platform

since our startup period, we have been working with many distinguish companies as our partners. Qualcomm, Hutchison Charoen Pokphan Telecommunication, PT Djarum Indonesia, PT Ultra Jaya are just some of our honourable partners to mention.

but that is not our best achievements, for us the biggest best thing is that they continue to work with us after their project is complete. This is what we called perfecto !

our team

Fachry Bafadal Managing Director
Adrianus Nugroho Creative Director
Akhyar Amarullah Lead Engineer
Arzushinta Kumala Dewi Project Manager
Rhomita Sari Product Manager
Komarudin Web Developer
Nanang Rafsanjani iOS Programmer
Banu Desi Antoro Mobile Engineer
Virgiawan Huda Akbar Android Developer
Beny Styawan Interface Designer
Dita Amalia Technical Writer

how we do it

what we do

we are a meltingpot in the digital world. and we did all perfecto !

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we believe that this age is in motion digital is no longer a question, it is an answer.

and we are ready for this changes are you ?

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